Fibre Cement Sheets

Fibre Cement Sheeting & Asbestos Removal

All RMS Grantham Operatives are fully trained in asebstos awareness and handling and the company has 25 years experience in removing asbestos cement roofs and re sheeting them. RMS operatives have proven experience removing 11,000 square meters of asbestos cement built up roof systems whilst full production activities were carried out below without disruption.

There are particular guidelines in the disposal of asbestos cement and RMS Grantham only use registered waste carriers and carry out competency tests on the landfill site where the asbestos cement is to be disposed.

Replacing Asbestos Cement

When considering replacement of asbestos cement sheets it is best to work with experienced contractors. The distruption of asbestos causes the release of fibres which can be dangerous. For this reason our trained operatives always remove asbestos in single sheets rather than cutting them and then disposes of these sheets safely and securely. When handling asbestos our operatives use extensive personal protective equipment.

Does Asbestos have to be removed/replaced before work can be carried out?

Each case should be examined indivudually when considering replacing asbestos cement or working around it and in some cases there is no need to replace the sheeting. Our operatives are trained in asbestos awareness and are well versed in such activities as working on fragile asbestos cement roofs.

RMS Grantham is trained to provide advisory services as to whether the work you require can be achieved without removing the asbestos product.

What is Asbestos Cement?

Asbestos cement is a mixture of asbestos fibres (usually about 10%) trapped in a matrix of cement. This forms a hard material with very good weathering and fire properties. For this reason, asbestos cement was often used as corrugated sheeting on farm buildings and industrial units - and indeed every industrial estate up and down the country will have several units with asbestos cement roofs. Asbestos cement roofing sheets usually contained white asbestos (chrysotile) but older types may contain a blue (crocidolite) or brown (amosite).

Safety first

Due to the health implications of asbestos cement it is important to remove it safely. If you have a corrugated asbestos cement roof you do not need a license to remove it; however each project should be risk assessed on its own merit and the correct control measures put in place. A licensed asbestos removal contractor is only required to work on the high risk asbestos products that contain amosite (brown) and crocidolite (blue) which are generally associated with pipe lagging and insulation panels.

Advisory Services

We are always happy to offer an advisory service and provide it free of charge inclusive with all our other work.

Asbestos Removal