torch on felt


RMS Grantham are skilled at high performance torch on systems, traditional pour and roll as well as self adhesive felting systems. Our trained operatives are capable of both laying felt and performing high quality patch repairs to existing bituminous membrane systems.

We also offer a consultation and inspection in order to advise you on which type of felting application is most suitable for your roof.

Torch on

Application of felting systems (Bituminous Membranes) via the torch-on method creates a full bond to the substrate below, providing a high level wind uplift resistance and ensuring no paths are left for water to infiltrate and become trapped causing blisters in the membrane.

As the name implies, torch-on membrames require the use of a naked flame to melt the bitumen and create the bond with the substrate. This means that it is not suitable for application to timber roofs or as a waterproofing layer over flammable insulation

'Pour and Roll'

This traditional application uses heated bitumen rather than a naked flame and can be used to create a full or partial bond dependant on requirements. A partial bond allows for more thermal movement in the substrate without damaging the membrane.

Self Adhesive

The self adhesive membrane is a much lower temperature application than either the torch-on or 'pour and roll'. As it is not as robust a contact as the other applications however it is often better not to use this on larger roofs, and is more generally used in domestic roofing of sheds and garages.

Self adhesive membrane should not be applied in cold weather.