Sheeting & Mounted Handrail

Sheeting & Cladding

Sheeting and cladding are a cost effective solution to modernizing and enhancing traditional buildings, providing weather screening and insulation and assisting with associated energy efficiencies.

RMS Grantham supply and install a wide range of sheeting and cladding, including both single ply and composite panels. Roofing and cladding can be used to brighten and revitalise your building and are available in a variety of colours and fininshes.

Single Skin Panels

Single skin sheeting and cladding comes in a variety of designs, and is named for the fact it comprises of a single layer sheet. These sheets are often formed from steel and coated in other compounds such as zinc and plastic. An example of single skin sheeting is Plastisol Sheeting, a leather grained plastic coated steel, formed from steel and coated first in zinc and then in plastic. 

Single skin sheeting and cladding panels are an excellent form of waterproofing and can be used to renovate and refurbish both roofs and walls, internally and externally.

Composite Panels

Composite panels comprise of an insulating layer sandwiched between steel sheeting. These panels provide an in-built insulation and are used to ensure a U-value within building regulatory standards is achieved.

Composite panels come in as wide a variety of designs as single skin panels, and are used on both vertical and roofing levels.


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