Single Ply

Single Ply Systems – Flat Roofs

Single Ply Systems consist of waterproof membranes which are applied to the roof area and upstand details, and are an excellent weatherproofing option to ensure your flat roof remains healthy.

One of the benefits of a single ply system is the variation of installation available, including ballasted roofs, green roofs, and is also adapted to cope with high wind uplift. Applied directly to the roof deck, over a vapour barrier, insulation or a combination of layers, the membrane is sealed using adhesives or seam welding (or both!) and comes with a warranty of up to 30 years.

RMS Grantham operatives are trained and recognised installers of two types of single ply membrane, an EPDM and a PVC. We specialise in both fully adhered systems and mechanically attached systems, and are happy to advise on the suitability of different membranes, fixings, and insulation or layers for beneath the membrane.

In short, mechanically attached systems are attached using screws and other fittings to the substrate, which are sealed over with additional membrane, and chemically bonded to the upstands. Fully adhered systems are chemically bonded to the substrate and upstands.

Firestone Rubberguard EPDM

The Firestone EPDM System is an economical EPDM Roofing System, suitable for use on a wide variety of roof materials.

Firestone is a distinctive black membrane, and can provide a 5, 10, 25 or 30 year waranty dependant on the roof system installed.


  • Reasonably Low Installation Cost
  • Use of Large EPDM Sheets
  • Fewer Seams
  • Fast Installation
  • Large Choice of Compatible Substrates
  • Excellent fire rating
  • Superb Weathering Resistance

Please see our suppliers website for more information Firestone Building Products

Armourplan P - Reinforced PVC Membrane

Armourplan is a polyester-reinforced PVC membrane which is suitable for use on a wide range of roofing applications, including refurbishment, new build and more specialist installations such as simulated metal roofs.

Armourplan comes in three tones of grey from light to dark, and SIG offers a 20 year waranty on installed Armourplan P. Alternatively Armourplan S offers a 10 year waranty.


  • Completely UV stable
  • Improved Tensile Strength
  • Good Mechanical Properties and Product Performance
  • Efficient and Safe Installation
  • Secure Seam Welding Quality
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Finish
  • Complete Range of Fixings and Accessories Available

Please see our suppliers website for more information SIG Design Technology

Moy Materials - Sintofoil TPO single ply membranes

The TPO Sintofoil membrane is a granular extrusion produced by a process of incorporating Ethylene Propylene Rubber into a Polypropylene matrix along with additives specific to the membrane. It is suitable for all types of waterproofing due to the elastomeric-thermoplastic polymer.


  • Easy Field Assembly
  • High Ageing Resistance
  • Environmentally Friendly and Recyclable
  • Efficient and Safe Installation
  • Compatible with Bitumen and Related Products
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Finish

Specific membrane types have different benefits depending on the type of your roof. Please see our suppliers website for more information. Moy Materials - Innovative waterproofing and insulation systems

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