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RMS Grantham Limited is a roofing company specialising in Commercial and Industrial roofing. At RMS Grantham we focus on quality solutions, service and delivering expectations. We provide quality roof and gutter refurbishment, repairs and new roof installation. Although our origins are in roofing where we have over 25 years experience in providing seamless roof repair, refurbishment and new build solutions, in recent years, due to our earned reputation, clients have requested us to control projects as Principle and Main Contractor.

Our roofing solutions include Roof Replacement, application of Single Ply Membrane Systems, Felting, and Gutter Lining Systems, General Maintenance and the Removal/Handling of Asbestos and Fibre Cement.

At RMS Grantham Limited we pride ourselves in employing local people and providing long term employment. All members of the team are partnered with our highly experienced foremen on site, and all our operatives and foremen are highly trained and certificated - especially in areas of Health and Safety. In fact, our Safety Standards have been adopted by high profile companies and are now used as the standard by which all subcontractors working on their sites must conform to.

Everyone at RMS Grantham is focused on the customer experience and service delivery, creating peace of mind with projects completing on time, in budget and with minimal disruption.

RMS Grantham offer an advisory service, including a site inspection and quotation for any reccommended work.
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To help us be a success we have devised a set of values within the synonym of TEAMS that will emphasis and continue to support our culture and ethos at RMS for which we have become renowned.

Together we deliver quality that Enables success for both our clients & ourselves. We Abide to the principles of our mission statement, and embrace Modern practices to enhance our work; never losing site of the Safety standards that set us ahead from our competitors.

It is not what we do, but the way we do it.